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Bridge Property Management

Bridge Property Management has some the highest property performance goals in the industry and a proven track record of success. They are comprised of a team of highly trained professionals with the resources, technology and systems in place to reach those goals. Bridge Property Management is completely committed to providing the best in resident management and the best in investment real estate management.

1. Challenge

BPM was looking for alternative ways to help drive revenue while increasing staff efficiency so they employed the services of TouchPoint

2. Solution

TouchPoint’s services were brought on back in 2017 to help with their prospect management and to help free up valuable time by the leasing staff. Starting with only a handful of test sites they went portfolio wide in 2018.

3. Results

Dating back to April 2018, TouchPoint conducted well over 1.2M unique prospect follow-ups for 64 key assets. During this period, TouchPoint agents schedule more than 10,500 pre-qualified appointments/tours. As a result, TouchPoint helped drive 9,537 leases. The related labor savings was more than $1,142,160 at a cost per lease of only $27.