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Foundry Commons Apartment Homes

Foundry Commons is a 238 unit market rate community in San Jose, CA and managed by Alliance Residential. They offer studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes. As a best-in-class operator, Alliance Residential positions the community for maximum value through aggressive marketing, leasing and superior operational processes.

1. Challenge

Foundry Commons was experiencing higher than normal vacancies and as a result, acquired the services of TouchPoint.

2. Solution

TouchPoint’s services were brought on January 2019 to help with their prospect management and to help free up valuable time by the leasing staff.

3. Results

Beginning in January 2019, TouchPoint conducted 317 unique prospect follow-ups for Foundry Commons TouchPoint agents schedule 4 pre-qualified appointments/tours

In February 2109 TouchPoint conducted 1,448 prospect follow-ups as prospects begin moving through their apartment search lifecycle. TouchPoint agents schedule 7 pre-qualified appointments/tours
In March 2019 TouchPoint agents conducted 1,581 prospect follow-ups as the leads continue to mature, get vetted and convert. TouchPoint agents schedule 17 pre-qualified appointments/tours