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Waterview Apartments

Waterview is a 1002 unit community based in Memphis, TN

1. Challenge

Waterview is a large property with a very buys staff. The team experience high volumes of traffic with both lead inquiries and in office prospects and residents making it virtually impossible to stay on target with follow up.

2. Solution

TouchPoint’s prospective resident services were brought on back in July 2019. The goal was to free up valuable time spent by the leasing staff in chasing down leads maximize the ad spend, to provide their customer excellent customer service, and to uncover critical prospect feedback.

3. Results

From July 2019 through September 2019, TouchPoint agents conducted well over 9.700 unique prospects follow-ups, scheduled 199 pre-qualified appointments/tours. TouchPoint helped to drive 277 leases. The related labor savings was more than $12,000 and 800 hours